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Chapter One Entries

"Trail's Head"

Author: Dragonfey 57
Beta:     Ericsminion

Eric set at his desk, thinking over the conversation with the tracker he had hired. Ian was one of the best around, but even Weres have limitations. He would be helpful during the daytime in the search for Gabriella’s human, Matthew, but no Were had his particular set of skills. It was decided; he was going to Chicago himself.

“Pam!” he called out as he moved quickly towards Fangtasia’s back door, “call ahead and make all the arrangements for me to get to Chicago a.s.a.p.”

Before Pam could even call out “good luck” to Eric he was gone.

      TBC... (click on the title for the full chapter)   

Author:  Merick 
Beta:      Daniel Rook 

“Please don’t make me do this again?” The voice was soft, and might have been called musical were it not so despondent in its plea. Large eyes looked up at the giant of a man towering above her, his face showed no mercy, not to her, not to the human slumped in the chair in front of them both. Sometimes he smiled at her, the giant man, sometimes his long nose crowned the glimmer of white teeth splitting beautiful red lips. Sometimes his green eyes glittered, but not that day.
“Go into his soul, we need what he hides little one.” At least his voice was not angry, she hated it when his voice was angry, it made her feel small, and worthless.
TBC... (click on the title for the full chapter)   


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