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PROMO STORY Chapter 1 "The Call"

Author's name:   Musings by Char
Beta:  Merick 
Chapter number: Chapter 1
Title : "The Call"


I slid my cell phone into my pocket and sat back propping my feet up on the desk.   I let my mind take me to a time centuries earlier when I first met Gabriella.   It had been in the mid 1600’s in Verona during my “tour” of Italy where I was enjoying the local “flavor” as well as many bella donne.  I was strolling among the ancient Roman ruins one night when I came upon  a group of men surrounding a  young, beautiful vampire.   She had managed to conceal that she was otherworldly, but I could tell it would be only a matter of minutes before that would change. Sensing her obvious discomfort with the crowd and their obvious intentions towards her, I quickly took control of the situation and with a bit of glamor the group soon dissipated.   

After they left, I convinced her to join  me at a nearby outdoor cafe, offering her protection until she could calm herself sufficiently.  I was intrigued by her and was determined to find out more.  We sat talking into the night, both of us feeling a unique draw towards the other and soon I was mesmerized by her story.     

Her name was Gabriella Calabrese and she was a member of one of the strongest families in Italy. Gabby was also very young, having only been turned 12 years, and she was alone.   Her maker had gone out one evening to feed never returning.   Through their bond she had felt his angst and pain, but she had never discovered the details of his death, she simply felt when he ceased to be.    As she continued to share the details of her young existence I began feeling  protective towards her.   There was something about Gabriella that reminded me of my younger human sister, and soon it was as if we had known each other all our lives.   We decided to become traveling companions and within a short time we became great friends. She was one of the few I knew I could count on.   I blinked, coming out of my reverie as Pam stepped into my office.    

“Eric, what’s happened I felt your distress.”   My child sat on the edge of the desk as I glanced up at her.    

“It is Gabriella.  She called for my assistance in finding her bonded.   It seems that he has disappeared in a very suspicious manner.”   I stood, running a hand through my hair, as if it would help me concentrate.   

“I knew she was fond of him, but apparently she actually has  let herself  develop very strong feelings for Matthew.” My thoughts shifted to Sookie, my own bonded, but I quickly pushed those aside.

“She admitted to me that they were planning on getting married in a human ceremony. ”    I walked over to my hidden safe and opened it, removing the documents I needed.  Pam stood and was instantly by my side.   

“That is surprising Eric, but what does she expect you to do? I know you two are very good friends but maybe something else is going on here.  You know how things are among the vampires in Chicago.   Even I am not as ruthless.”  She placed a gentle hand on my upper arm in warning or perhaps comfort; I was not sure which -  perhaps it was both.   

“It is simple, she has asked me to discover what has happened to Matthew and to help her locate him.  I am going to need  you to call Sookie and  tell her I will be arriving at her home within the hour.   I will be taking her to Chicago to assist with this situation.   There are details that Gabriella would not tell me over the phone, which lead me to believe that this is not a simple disappearance.  As you said, the vampires of Chicago seem to play by a different set of rules.   This is why I may need to contact  Diodorus.”  I turned to face my child placing my finger over her lips.    

“And Pamela I am not asking for your opinion on this.  I am doing what I must to help Gabriella. You know I consider her family and” I took a deep, unnecessary  breath.

“Even if that were not the case, I owe her more than I can ever repay.”   The memory of Pam’s near death flashed before my eyes causing my blood to boil as I remembered the terror from hundreds of years before.  I clasped her tightly to my chest placing a kiss on her forehead.

“There is nothing I can do to repay her for saving you and if I need to call in the favor Diodorus owes me then so be it.  Perhaps it will not be necessary,  but I want to go prepared as it seems time is an issue.”    I stepped away from Pam and  returned to my desk grabbing my briefcase and placing the retrieved documents in it.    

“Eric, you know every time you have any interaction with that half breed Greek trouble follows.  Please,  Master don’t call him except as a last resort!”   Pam’s voice trembled as she came and stood next to me imploring me with her voice and eyes.  I brushed the back of my knuckles down her cheek.   

“I will not call him my child unless I have no alternative.”   I kissed her forehead once again.  

“Now go contact Sookie.  I will call you when we have arrived in Chicago.” I gave her a quick wink, smiling, then grabbed my briefcase and sped to the corvette.

I looked down at my cell and was surprised to see who was calling.  

“Pam, dare I ask why you’re calling?”   I listened as she rambled about Eric having a personal emergency and needing my help.  I was surprised by the slight tremble I heard in her voice so I listened without commenting.  Ending the call, I sank slowly back into the sofa.  

“What is in Chicago and who the hell is Gabriella?”



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