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The Rules

The Rules: 

The Rules
1. You must develop a supernatural character (s) that will play a large role in the mystery and its` solution.

2. Chapters are limited to 700-1000 words max (not including header)

3. ALL CHAPTERS must be Betad and the header must be included with the story. It does NOT count towards the chapter length
Author's name ~
Chapter number~
Title (if you have one) ~

4. Chapter must address the prompts given for that week.

5. Chapters are due no later than Sunday of the following week after the announcement of the winning chapter. The first chapter is due on April 1st. Voting will be open from Wednesday and close Saturday at midnight CST (Central Standard Time, U.S) . Please see the calendar on the blog for more details. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

6. Send all entries to chronicles.adventures@gmail.com

7. You may not post your stories on your own Fan. Fiction site until the end of the project. You may however link to the stories.

8. Stories should be written up to a "T" Rating. Please no Mature content.


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