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Can anyone enter the Chronicles of an Adventure?
Anyone 13+ can enter as a writer or submit artwork for Chronicles of an Adventure.

How do I submit artwork or a chapter?
You can email us at chronicles.adventure@gmail.com
What document format do you accept for submitting a chapter?
You can send your chapter in one of the following formats:  txt ; rtf ; doc; docx ; pdf
Or you can submit your chapter by filling out this form: http://chronicles-of-an-adventure.blogspot.com/p/chapter-submission-form.html

What kind of artwork can be submitted?
Any digital artwork can be submitted  along with your name and email address to chronicles.adventure@gmail.com
For digital graphics, please send in the following formats; jpeg ; gif ; png, bmp, swf .
For videos, please send in the following formats:  YouTube link, avi, wmv, mpeg, xvid

What rating limit can the chapter submissions and artwork be?
We would like all submissions to be available for a majority of the fandom.  Therefore, we are asking that all chapter submissions and visual creations be no higher than a "T" Rating.

What is a "T" Rating?
 A "T" Rating as definited on fanfiction.net as being suitable for teenagers (13 years and over), and contains minor adult themes, a little violence and some bad language.

There can be a fine line that separates "T" rating from "M" for Mature, so we would like to reserve the right to ask writers to change aspects of their chapter that may be too mature for this body of work.   If deemed to be sexually explicit or exessively violent we will not be able to post the chapter.  We will not be puritanical, we  just ask for the more adult themes to be kept to a minimum.

What is a Beta?
Defined on fanfiction.net : "A beta reader (or betareader, or beta) is a person who reads a work of fiction with a critical eye, with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, characterization, and general style of a story prior to its release to the general public."   Having one to read over your chapter will help avoid embarrassment of your submission to lose votes because of easily corrected mistakes.

Learn more what a Beta does: The Beta's Bible  http://www.fangedfour.com/travelogue/id51.htm

Here is an article from The Innocent Flower about finding a Beta:

To help improve your writing and get lots of feedback, sign up to the Critique Circle: http://www.critiquecircle.com/default.asp

If you do not have a Beta, you can try these sites:


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