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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Get Your Chapter Entry in Tonight

Deadline 15 Apr

The first part to our Adventure begins tonight with the deadline to get your Chapter 1 submissions in.  All entries must be in by 11:59 CST (Central Standard Time U.S).

Chronicles of an Adventure is a collaborative project open to everyone.  Every other week a prompt will be given for all to be able to write a chapter.   The chapter entries will be voted on by the public, and the winning entry will be the prompt for the next chapter.

See the Calendar  for more details.

The current prompt is:

The Preface--

Eric Northman has received a call from  his long time friend, Gabriella Calabrese AKA (Gabby)  who is the Sheriff of Area 7, Chicago.   Her bonded,  a human named Mathew Gregorian has disappeared and Gabby is frantic to find him and asks Eric for help.   Gabby has explained that their bond has been severely severed somehow and she can tell he’s alive but that’s about all she can tell from the bond.   

The only other clues Eric has been able to find so far have been that Matthew disappeared sometime during Gabriella’s rest. 

Write a chapter  of 700-1000 words using the information given from this prompt.  Send your finished and Beta’d (see Faqs)  chapter to chronicles.adventures@gmail.com in any document format.


Artists wanted too!

Do you like to do digital art and play with Photoshop?  Maybe you like to make Youtube videos.  Your artistic creations are welcome in this challenge and will be added to the entire story.   See Faqs for formats that can be submitted.

All entries will be posted on our Home Site.


Voting on Chapter 1 entries will begin

April 18th .


Fairy said...

Great idea, Char. This is so exciting! Can't wait to see where this story goes. I love that everyone can participate in this event.

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