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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Join in the Adventure


Launched this week , Chronicles of an Adventure is  a collaborative event for writers and anyone that would like to express themselves creatively. Though based on the SVM fandom, all fandoms are welcome to join in.


In a nutshell: A story will be started with a premise (a prompt). All writers are asked to write a chapter based on that  premise and create their own supernatural character.  All those that submit a chapter will have them all posted and voted on. The winning chapter will be the premise (the prompt) for the next chapter and so on until the end of the story. All creative expressions (banners, pictures, videos, etc) will be welcome too and posted on the site to go with the chapters. Once the last chapter is finished, there will be a vote for the title of that particular story.


Please see the rules HERE




The Current Prompt (the Preface) :

Eric Northman has received a call from  his long time friend, Gabriella Calabrese AKA (Gabby)  who is the Sheriff of Area 7, Chicago.   Her bonded,  a human named Matthew Gregorian has disappeared and Gabby is frantic to find him and asks Eric for help.   Gabby has explained that their bond has been severely severed somehow and she can tell he’s alive but that’s about all she can tell from the bond.   

The only other clues Eric has been able to find so far have been that Matthew disappeared sometime during Gabriella’s rest. 


Chapter 1 is due this Sunday April 1, 2012 by 12midnight CST (5am April 2nd GMT)

(Chapter is to be in between 700 words but no more than 1000)

You can email your chapter (with header) to chronicles.adventures@gmail.com

or fill in the form HERE

Voting on the Chapter will begin on April 4th…to see all the deadlines please look at the Calendar


This will be an on going event where there will be more stories created through a group effort.  All fandoms are welcome to join in.  Anyone that would like to help with this project please send us an email at chronicles.adventures@gmail.com .


For Updates and Info, please follow us:

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