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Monday, 26 March 2012

So are you excited about this UNIQUE project that will be a first in the Fandom for this opportunity to write a collaborative story?   I was when I started fleshing out the idea with the help of Alpha En.   I wasn't sure how people were going to react but everyone seems to LOVE the idea.   I think it's because we all want to be part of the group.   This will offer a great way to really put aside  our own agendas and come together to have fun.  I'm hoping to offer writers an opportunity to stretch their skills.   It's easy to get into our own little worlds and become a bit static.   This offers and opportunity to reach out, push ourselves and grow.    Hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity and I also hope we can all come together to do something maybe even "Epic"  as one writer said.  

If you do not write, or create graphics but still want to get involved I can use all the help I can get.   Just drop me a note here or on the fanfic site.   Happy creating !  

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Jeca NS said...

Wow! Great idea and fabulous site! I love it all! I'm so excited about this and I'll follow and vote with vigor!

Thumbs up Ladies! :)


Jeca xx

Char said...

Thanks Sweetie. Hope everyone gets involved. I think it's a great way to really push ourselves as writers and other creators can help in so many ways!

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